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Access for all

Although Abacus 2.0 is essentially a service for academic researchers, it is also available to users from business and industry.

See here how academia can request for access to Abacus 2.0.

See here how industry can get access.

The document here describes the business model of and access procedure to the HPC infrastructure hosted at the DeIC National HPC Centre at SDU.

How much does it cost to use?

Danish universities and The State and University Library

Per July 1, 2016 the rates per node per hour in DKK excluding VAT are as follows:

  • Slim: 1,90 DKK / node hour  (~ 0,08 DKK / CPU core hour)
  • Fat: 2,30 DKK / node hour  (~0,10 DKK / CPU core hour)
  • GPU: 2,65 DKK / node hour  (~0,11 DKK  / CPU core hour)
All our nodes have 24 CPU cores, i.e., if you want the rate per CPU core, you should divide all prices by 24.

Other users

Please contact us for a customized quotation.