For Industry

The ABACUS 2.0 supercomputer is ideal for those companies that do not want to wait or have the budget to procure their own hardware. A solution at your finger tip.

ABACUS 2.0 is remotely accessed through a secure SSH connection from anywhere in the world. With our job queue system, you can prepare and run jobs from your workstation, but with the added security and low-latency interconnections of a single location cluster.

With ABACUS 2.0 all clients receive

  • a free trial project to test the facility
  • free of charge basic technical support, such as user account issues, accessing the system, and loading your software. ‘Advanced’ technical support is charged.

Getting Access

There are variety of methods for commercial organisations to gain access to the HPC facility. Whether as part of a research collaboration or working within a larger established consortia or even asking for assistance on a consultancy basis. If you wish to make use of ABACUS 2.0 then please send an email to and we can then direct your interest appropriately.

The price for non-academic users does not include the co-funding from DeiC and are aligned with current market prices.

Our commercial brochure

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