User Regulations

User regulations

This page details the policies that govern the use of DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU resources.

We may make reasonable changes to these policies at any time, and, once we have posted those changes on our website, the new version will then apply to you.

Acknowledgement for the use of the DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU

DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU, requests the acknowledgement of DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU, in papers, presentations and other publications that feature work that relied on ABACUS 2.0.

DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU has defined the following template for such acknowledgement:

“Computation/simulation for the work described in this paper was supported by the DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU."

Copies of published papers acknowledging HPC should be submitted to for inclusion on the DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU website. Be sure to include complete publication information (i.e., a URL or PDFfile of the actual publication) and indicate if there are any restrictions on publication.

Policy Violations

If it has been determined that if you have violated any of the HPC resource policies, or any other SDU computing policies, your account(s) will be deactivated immediately. Your account will not be reactivated until HPC management receives a formal request from the principal investigator of your project.

Any dispute arising in connection with the interpretation of the terms and conditions with the use of the HPC facility, and which cannot be settled by negotiation must be tried at the Danish Courts and governed by Danish Law.

Questions /concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these policies, please send an email to