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Finally, the 10 billion-year mathematical brain teaser has been solved
18/11/16 – If there were no computers, this task would have required 10 billion years of a mathematician’s waking time. Luckily, however, there is a supercomputer at SDU and the task is therefore solved. The results have significance for our...
National Supercomputing Day - Perspectives of High Performance Computing
10/10/16 – Date: Monday November 7, 2016 - 9:00 to...
Ageing: Computer simulation finds dangerous molecule activity
20/09/16 – All human organisms are attacked by free radicals – they destroy our cells, and over time they contribute to us ageing. Now, researchers have found out how a particularly dangerous type of free radicals is formed, and it may lead to a better understanding of ageing. By Birgitte...
Newsletter from Abacus 2.0, September 2016
09/09/16 – In this newsletter: Request access to Abacus 2.0 for the period November 2016 – February 2017   Did you notice? We have a new website! Call of interest for National eScience Pilot Projects is still...
Newsletter from Abacus 2.0, August 2016
22/08/16 – In this newsletter: Call for Access to Abacus 2.0 for the period July-October 2016 is still open with lower rates Call of interest for National eScience Pilot Projects is still open Abacus in new clothes at National Supercomputing Day on May 30 at SDU ...
Speeches at the national supercomputing day
07/06/16 – On May 30, the first national supercomputing day was held at SDU. You can find the speeches and presentations held that day in the program here.
Video about the 3 national Danish supercomputers
07/06/16 – DeiCs three national supercomputers are presented in a new video that studies the benefits they bring to researchers. Can you tell the difference between Abacus 2.0, Computerome and Kulturarvsclusteret? See here.
New Abacus video
26/05/16 – Watch the new video about the advantages of using the supercomputer Abacus 2.0 at SDU:
Video of the final of the SDU Supercomputer Challenge
03/05/16 – Here is a video of the final of the SDU Supercomputer Challenge shared on the Facebook page: It can also be seen on YouTube: ...