• Compute nodes: 584
  • CPU Cores: 14,016
  • Performance:
    • Theoretical max: 766.6 TFlop/s (entire system)
    • Theoretical max: 560.6 TFlop/s (CPUs only)
    • Linpack performance: 462.4 TFlop/s (CPUs only)
  • Memory: 64.5 TB RAM
  • Interconnect: InfiniBand FDR (56 Gbit/s)
  • Operating system: Linux (Centos 7)


To cover as many users’ requirements as possible our cluster is built on three kinds of nodes. All nodes have the same base configuration:

  • Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 m5
  • Two Intel E5-2680v3 CPUs each with 12 CPU cores and a theoretical performance of 480 GFlop/s.
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 200 GB local SSD local storage
  • One high speed InfiniBand uplink connection for communication with the other nodes

448 Slim Nodes

As specified above in the base configuration. 256 of the slim nodes have 400 GB SSD.

64 Fat nodes

As the base configuration except that each node contains in total 512 GB RAM and 400 GB SSD

72 GPU nodes

As the base configuration except that each node contains 2 nVidia K40 GPU cards each with 2880 CUDA cores, and 12 GB RAM. The theoretical performance for each K40 is 1.43 TFlop/s.


Nodes are connected using high-speed InfiniBand equipment from Mellanox. More information can be found on our network page.


On top of the at least 200 GB local storage per node, in total one petabyte (1 PB) of network storage is available on the system. The storage is offered from a Lenovo GSS26 (GPFS storage system). More information can be found on our storage page.