Big Data

For Industry

The ABACUS 2.0 supercomputer is ideal for those companies that do not want to wait or have the budget to procure their own hardware. A solution at your finger tip.

ABACUS 2.0 is remotely accessed through a secure SSH connection from anywhere in the world. With our job queue system, you can prepare and run jobs from your workstation, but with the added security and low-latency interconnections of a single location cluster.

With ABACUS 2.0 all clients receive

Learn about life from Big Data

SDU Associate Professor Jan Baumbach has received a grant of 6,4 million DKK from Villum Foundation Young Investigator Programme to develop new computational methods to process these huge data sets. The project title is “Big Data Bioinformatics”.

The methods I will develop in this project will not only be useful for understanding biology. They may also be used by other researchers to understand social networks or to predict outbreaks”, says Dr. Baumbach.

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