Terms of sale

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has the followings terms of sale:

As a rule you have to pay an invoice from SDU 30 days after the date of invoice, at the latest.

SDU send invoices to customers in foreign countries by e-mail or printed by mail.

Invoices have to be paid to SDU’s bank account in:

Danske Bank
Albani Torv 2-3
5000 Odense C, Denmark
IBAN: DK51 3000 0007 4166 60

The University of Southern Denmark has VAT-number DK29283958.

Personal Information Policy

Personal data

DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU needs to collect and store certain personal data about you in order to provide high performance computing services to you.

For example, DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU uses your personal data to provide you with information that you request from us, information that DeiC National HPC Centre, SDU considers may interest you, or information that you should take part of for the utilization of our services.

This personal data includes:

SDU eScience Center

The eScience Center of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) provides the management, administration, and technical support to keep the national HPC running in a way that maximises the research output of Abacus 2.0.

The SDU eScience steering committee is the steering body for the center. It is an internal SDU board that operates under the mandate from the SDU executive board which the chairman of the committee reports to.

SDU eScience steering committee members

About us

In order to expand the use of eScience to a broad spectrum of research areas, DeIC in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark has established a national supercomputing center at the university in the city of Odense. The supercomputer is called Abacus 2.0.

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