All compute nodes have a local SSD disk which can be used for local storage during computations. On top of this users can use our network storage which is a Lenovo GSS26 system running GPFS.

Except for the local node storage, all user accessible nodes can access all file systems mentioned below.



  • Compute nodes: 584
  • CPU Cores: 14,016
  • Performance:
    • Theoretical max: 766.6 TFlop/s (entire system)
    • Theoretical max: 560.6 TFlop/s (CPUs only)
    • Linpack performance: 462.4 TFlop/s (CPUs only)
  • Memory: 64.5 TB RAM
  • Interconnect: InfiniBand FDR (56 Gbit/s)
  • Operating system: Linux (Centos 7)


To cover as many users’ requirements as possible our cluster is built on three kinds of nodes. All nodes have the same base configuration:

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